Peculiar Creatures

              If Kafka, Brecht and Matthew Bourne created a fairy tale…


A unique, surrealist play that incorporates movement as an integral vocabulary, Peculiar Creatures tells the story of Brother and Sister – two adult siblings who have existed in an isolated, symbiotic world almost all their lives. Fleeing the enigmatic figure who killed their parents, they have had to survive as grifters – with Brother functioning as the caretaker and voice for his fragile, traumatized sister. 


But when a Stranger claiming to be an emissary from Sister's fantasy world becomes the first outsider to ever enter their lives, Brother and the Stranger must battle for the very soul of Sister – fighting to prove whether the Stranger is who he claims to be, or the very thing they have been running from all their lives. 


Exploring issues of safety verses freedom, Peculiar Creatures is an experimental, one of a kind piece. Part Les Enfants Terribles, part Rapunzel, this is a deeply moving play, not to be missed. 


Peculiar Creatures is currently in development with the Denman Theatre and Dance Company and will be a part of the 2018/2019 Access Theater Company Artist in Residence program.

Peculiar Creatures


Behind the scenes of the development of the physical vocabulary for Peculiar Creatures.