This is a show that not only should be seen, but NEEDS to be seen.

HAMLET will be returning in 2021 produced by Jay Michaels Communications


A.N.O.N Productions groundbreaking production of HAMLET, conceived and directed by Ashley Griffin, premiered in NYC in 2015, extended into 2016 and went on to be nominated for three New York Innovative Theater Awards: Best Revival of a Play, Best Director (Ashley Griffin,) and Best Leading Actress (Ashley Griffin,) making Ashley the first person ever to be nominated for awards for both playing and directing HAMLET. The show is currently in talks to extend yet again.


Directed by and starring Ashley Griffinthis production was inspired by, and partnered with the He For She Campaign (a first of its kind which acknowledges the need for men in the women's movement,) and issues of gender equality. Set "five minutes in the future" in a totalitarian state, in this HAMLET, Hamlet is a woman raised as a man for succession purposes. Ophelia is a man, bullied for being too sensitive. Horatio is the only woman in the military, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are the “Queen Bees” of Wittenberg.


Presented at The Kraine and Under St. Marks Theaters in NYC, A.N.O.N received rave reviews and tremendous response to the show. Many young people attended, and the whole company was so inspired to hear from young men who, seeing this Ophelia - a kind, sensitive man bullied for those very qualities - felt like it was "the first time they had seen themselves onstage" and shared stories of being treated the same way, but never being able to talk about it. Likewise we heard from women who opened up about relating to Hamlet's experiences, and the struggle to be both vulnerable and strong. 

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