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Looking For  Wonderland​

A semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Festival,  Looking For Wonderland is a physical comedy deconstruction of Lewis Carroll’s classic stories Alice in Wonderland, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Co written with Joel Jeske (world renown performer/creator with Cirque du Soleil, The Big Apple Circus, Ringling Brothers, and the Drama Desk nominated Parallel Exit,) with director Gabriel Barre (Amazing Grace, Broadway) attached, this ...Wonderland is a truly unique, cross-genre piece. Returning to the heart of how the Wonderland stories were originally created, Looking For Wonderland combines the best of physical comedy, and dramatic narrative. ...Wonderland explores the creation of Lewis Carroll’s classic works, and the relationship between Carroll (ne: Charles Dodgson) and his real life muse Alice Liddell. When Charles invites a now (just) adult Alice to his Oxford rooms against the strict wishes of Alice’s mother, the world of Wonderland begins to come to life as long repressed feelings struggle to come to light. Bringing in elements of the darkness and social satire from the original stories, this is not a world where Alice literally falls down a rabbit hole. Instead, a portrait of Queen Victoria becomes ventriloquized as the Queen of Hearts, thoughts of a “taboo” teacher/student romance can make you “nervous as a rabbit,” and five characters (Alice, three Oxford professors, and their house mother) embody almost every character from Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass. 

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