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Blank Paige


Gothic Romance 

Steampunk Fantasy

Epic Comedy


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Angsty Teen Drama


Epic Tragedy

"Blank Paige" is a series that takes place in an ethereal bookstore where all of the employees are fictional characters who have yet to be written, and must live a purgatory-like existence tending to the literary cannon until their author shows up to claim them. Into this world comes Paige – the only character to ever emerge from the stacks with no knowledge of her genre, or basic story. Paige’s arrival sends the world of the bookstore into a tailspin, and causes the other characters to question how much free will they have over their own lives. In this world, characters are far more complex then their archetypes would imply, and nothing is as black and white as it appears.



"Blank Paige" is currently in development as a television series.


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